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    Talent mobility, acquisition and HR solutions.
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    Talent mobility, acquisition and HR solutions.
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    Talent mobility, acquisition and HR solutions.
Outsourced HR Solutions

Human Resources is often the last department to be established within a growing business today, however the human factor and ... Read more

Change Management

As an organization, what do you need to ask yourself? What is changing for leaders, teams and individuals in our organization ... Read more

Career Transition Services

As Companies strive to remain competitive; Retrenchment is part of every day corporate experience and will ... Read more

Coaching & development

E for Exec Coaching services equip leaders with the skills and behaviors required for optimal performance... Read more

Professional Recruitment

E for Exec are specialists in Professional, Executive and highly skilled appointments. With access to a large network of ... Read more

Psychometric Assessments

At E for Exec we don’t just test skills, we put our market-leading assessment tool to work, evaluating a candidates work ... Read more

Welcome to E For Exec

Directors Media Release

The Firm is a unique concept.

The only one of its kind as a matter of fact.

Offering a truly personalised range of services related to HR in general and to choice partners in particular.

At E for Exec, we strongly believe in putting our partners' needs (that's you) above everything else. Our approach is geared to making sure YOU are given the best possible assistance and all the attention YOU demand and deserve in an impeccable professional manner.

E for Exec is to Human Resources what private banking is to a general bank. We are at the forefront of the evolution of our industry, operating only at seniority level, catering to your very unique personal needs and goals using the best technology available.

Creating a wide ranging network of partners / experts / associates / candidates / coaches, we strive to offer a seamless stream of available information about people, methods, and management. We are a local South African company and we have enormous global capabilities.


Blog Latest

  • E For Exec sponsored athlete published in the Highway Mail

    E For Exec sponsored athlete published in the Highway Mail

    Wednesday, 21 August 2019

    In June 2019 the Highway mail published a story about E For Exec sponsored athlete Grant Blakeway and his journey to raise awareness around the plastic pollution in our seas. To learn more about how our Athletes Career Program works visit: http://www.e4exec.co.za/2014-07-02-20-24-39

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    Kirsty Coventry: The future’s bright with the Athlete Career Programme

    Friday, 30 June 2017

    IOC Athletes’ Commission member and Olympian Kirsty Coventry takes us behind the scenes at the 8th IOC Athlete Career Programme (ACP) Forum in Beijing to highlight how the IOC and The Adecco Group are committed to helping athletes make a smooth career transition

    Seven-time Olympic swimming medallist Kirsty Coventry is quite familiar with rising to the occasion in Beijing

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    The Top Things Hiring Managers Complain Are Missing When Assessing Job Applicants

    Tuesday, 27 June 2017

    How many times have you applied for a job and then never heard back from the potential employer? Applying for a job certainly does not guarantee anyone an actual interview. That has never been truer than it is today, an era where candidates face increasing challenges to get noticed and be selected for an interview.

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    IOC Athletes Career Programme

    Wednesday, 08 February 2017

    E for Exec Team, Tracy Hardy and Puvasha Thevan had the honour to support the IOC - E for Exec Athlete Career Programme in Botswana and Zimbabwe in 2016. We touched the lives of over 50 Athletes with Career Transition Workshops designed to assist Athletes to transition from sport to the world of work.  We look forward to supporting our South African Athletes in the same manner during early 2017.

The Team

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people,
who love what they do and always look forward to face new challenges.


“The reason I enjoyed the course was that it helped me realise the vast amount of transferable skills that I possess and how to ensure that these are highlighted during differing interactions with prospective people of influence. It also showed me how much preparation is actually required before these interactions so that most questions or situations can be answered in a number of different ways confidently.
Not only has it showed me how to market myself, but very importantly, it has given me a plan on how to project manage my career transition in a positive and creative way.”
- Participant LHH Quick Start Seminar

“I attended the course under some duress, convinced that there was not much more to career transition other than an updated CV.
The course helped me unpack and assess my skill set in a structured and effective manner and I soon came to the realisation that I am quite a marketable brand! The course content coupled with the expertise and warm nature of the trainers is highly commendable.

I left the course overcome with confidence that I am now adequately equipped to have my pick of the job lot.”
- Participant LHH Quick Start Seminar

“Thank you for continuing to provide a service that has empowered and increased the morale of the individuals affected by change within our organisation. The programme, if anything, gives them a renewed sense of hope and assurance that there is world of opportunities out there.”
- HR Business Partner


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Cape Town

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'With E comes Executive but also Exclusive, Exceptional, Expert, Extraordinary, Excellent, Exchange, Exciting, Exigent, Expect; Words translating our willingness to offer services that do not exist in the current market place.'